Prestige Crafts 测愤


Prestige Crafts, a Hong Kong-based enterprise specializing on creative works of mammoth tusk carving, now owns thousands of original and unique mammoth tusk carvings which is the world's largest collection. Among all these artworks, the net weight of the largest one is more than 220kg. Mr. Chu Chung Shing, founder of Prestige Crafts, learned from the form and spirit of Chinese art, the realism of western art and the delicacy of Japanese art before elaborating all his artworks by hand, making them a comprehensive expression of all these great genres. He applied the "mortise and tenon" structure (the traditional structure of connection for Chinese ancient buildings) to his masterpieces, which made an infinite extension on his artistic creation, showed a perfect scene with vivid main characters to tell traditional stories and enriched the form of Chinese culture and arts with a profound history of thousands of years.

Detailed information about Mr. Chu, including TV media coverage, collections by celebrities and famous collectors, Mr. Chu's artistic personality and future plans, are available by searching "CHU Chung-shing" on "Baidu Encyclopaedia" or "Wikipedia"  in Chinese Version on the internet.



Shop A, G/F., Elegance Court,
184 Hollywood road, Central,
Hong Kong.
Tel:(852)2541-8840 Fax: (852)2815-9145



Unit No.G44-45 Peninsula Centre G/F.,
67 Mody Road, TST East, Kowloon,
Hong Kong.
Tel:(852)2541-8840 Fax:(852)2815-9145


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