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In 2010, Mr CHU masterpiece of mammoth tusk carving “Thousands of Arhats for Our Prosperous Country” was specially invited to take part at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 “Chinese Art – Great Master of State Art Treasures Exhibition” to represent China.

Article contributed by the Shanghai World Expo recognizing Mr. Chu has been dedicating himself enormously to the inheritance and development of ivory carving art, and called him the forerunner in inheritance of the ivory carving art.

Guangdong Television (GDTV) had also once commented that the impact of “Thousands of Arhats for Our Prosperous Country” was “unheard of and unseen of.”


          Shanghai Dragon TV

Guangdong News TV         



Prestige Crafts published in November 2012 by Shanghai Culture Publishing House included Mr. Chu’s work collection of mammoth tusk carving art. Mr. Wang Gang, chief editor of the publishing house, called him “a prodigy once in a century”.

Mr. Zhou Baijun, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, admired Mr. Chu and said, “Looking at Mr. Chu Chung Shing’s works of ivory carving gave me a sense of marvel. A talented creation is full of artistic charm—breathtaking and enriching.”





In 2012, Mr CHU was invited by the Subcommittee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee Office of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to hold a sole exhibition in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In the nearly 3,000-sq meter main exhibition hall over 200 pieces of his artworks were exhibited. CPPCC Vice Chairman Ablet Abdurishit attended the exhibition, accompanied by some ten other leaders in the state ministries. The exhibition was covered heavily by CCTV news program and other news media.

Mr. Ablet Abdurishit, vice chairman of CPPCC, spoke highly of Mr. Chu’s artworks and commended them for their diversified themes and vivid design.




Beijing TV


Guangdong News TV

Zhujiang News TV

Guangdong TV



In June 2013, Mr CHU became the first ivory carving artist interviewed by CCTV-4’s “Around China” program, which was aired during prime time.  
CCTV-4's “Around China” program



In October 2013, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) “Dolce Vita” conducted a special interview with Mr CHU.  


TVB program “Dolce Vita”



In November 2013, Mr CHU was once again invited by the Subcommittee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee Office of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to hold a sole exhibition in a nearly 2,000-sq meter exhibition hall at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mr TUNG Chee-hwa, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and former Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR attended the exhibition personally and gave high remarks.  



In November 2013, “Artistic Era of Harmony, Prosperity and Splendor” – ‘Prestige Crafts’ Mammoth Tusk Carving Exhibition, was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. GDTV news channel and TVB program “Scoop” heavily reported on the exhibition.  
TVB Program "Scoop"
Guangdong News TV



In December 2013, Phoenix Television program “Speak Out Hong Kong” conducted a personal special interview with Mr CHU.  
Phoenix Television Program “Speak Out.Hong Kong”



In June 2014, Japan News Network BS-TBS program “世界一周 魅惑の鉄道紀行” conducted a special interview with Prestige Crafts.  


Japan News Network BS-TBS program
“世界一周 魅惑の鉄道紀行”



In September 2014, Prestige Crafts won the “The Yellow Page Love Hong Kong Brand Award 2014-15 - The Best Creative Carving Art.” This award was nominated by the Hong Kong Yellow Pages, telecommunications PCCW for recognizing the outstanding contributions of Prestige Crafts to society for many years.  



In January 2015, Mr. Chu was specially invited by TVB program “The Heritage of Hong Kong”, to share the importance of conservation and inheritance of traditional art. This program also pointed out that Mr. Chu “Is well-recognized as World-Class Level”.  

TVB program “The Heritage of Hong Kong”



In July 2015, authoritative international organizations “WildAid” and “Save the Elephants” released a report by Dr. Esmond Martin, a world-renowned geography professor and his team, who had put painstaking efforts for several years on the observation and research on the history of ivories, mammoth tusks and the current situation of the sales of ivory and mammoth tusk products in Hong Kong. After the field trip in Hong Kong, they came into an exhaustive analysis report on the sales trend of ivory and mammoth tusk products, in which Prestige Crafts was mentioned for several times for its profession and reputation as an exclusive shop of mammoth tusk products.


We are honored to be supported by the above-mentioned organizations to practice our unswerving concept – “Using mammoth tusks as raw materials in protection of modern elephants and inherit and develop the Chinese ivory carving arts with a history of thousands of years”.




In May 2016, the filming team from BBC prime-time documentary Life on the Edge came to Hong Kong and interviewed with Mr. Chu on how to create artwork with mammoth tusks. They highly agree with Mr Chu's environment protection thoughts on protecting the nature while developing the intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese art of ivory carving.  



In July 2016, Mr Chu was invited to take part in a Canadian documentary Anthropocene. This film is supported by the Canadian government and produced by Edward Burtynsky, a world-renowned photographer and winner of Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts 2016 with an invitation from The Embassy of Canada. This film will include the largest engineering project in the world, seeds and gene bank, solar array and coal mines, etc., and be listed in the history as a witness to the important moments of human development.
Since one of its main plot lines reveals the relation between human development and species extinction, the director specially invited Mr. Chu as a representative of the synchronous environment protection thoughts and development of nature and human to demonstrate an insightful picture of replacing ivory by mammoth tusk, which is deemed to develop the intangible cultural heritage of ivory carving as well as protect wild animals. After completion, the film will step boldly into the arena of different international film festivals including the Oscar 2018.



In August 2016, Mr CHU was interviewed by the China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC). The programme was simulcast in more than 70 countries around the world. The topic was: "Hong Kong Express- Chu Chung Shing:Dealing Business Without Killing and Inheritance of the Chinese Art and Craft of Mammoth Tusk Carving with a profound history of thousands of years."  



In September 2016, Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group Limited conducted a personal special interview with Mr CHU. In the interview, Mr CHU shared his 35years artist career on mammoth tusk carving, and mentioned about the recent finished two masterpieces - "China's Blessing" and "Heaven Grand Ceremony", which had been painstakingly carved during the past several years, as the gift for the 67th anniversary of the National Day.  



In September 2016, Mr CHU was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency. And it was published on 26th September in their website.
The topic was named: Dream of the master - An Interview with Hong Kong Internationally Renowned Mammoth Tusk Crafting Master Mr Chu Chung Shing.



July 13, 2023,

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)“Dolce Vita” conducted a special interview with Mr. Chu.




October 1, 2023,

People's Daily
Guangdong Channel

The China Tusk Carving Art Museum opened in Xinyi on October 1. The museum centrally displays 600 exquisite art pieces by Chu Chung Shing, an internationally renowned master of mammoth tusk carving.




October 15, 2023,

CCTV-13 News Channel

The China Tusk Carving Art Museum, the first to feature the art of mammoth tusk carving, is now opened to the public in Xinyi, Maoming, Guangdong Province, China.

The collection showcases 600 artworks by tusk carving master Chu Chung Shing. By immersive technology, viewers can also enjoy a captivating view of the lifetime of mammoths. 



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